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With its striking medieval cityscape, Siena is famous for its cuisine, art, museums and the Palio - a twice-a-year horse race conducted in the city's main square with 15th-century costumes and great festivity. The Palio is held on July 2nd and on August 16th. Before the race, the bareback riders and horses parade through the street, ending at the Piazzo del Campo which echoes to the sound of people cheering watching the always-exciting race. Symbols of the Palio are in evidence throughout the city, throughout the year. Siena is also famous for jazz, with a festival that begins in June and extends into July.

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Catered dinners

Should you wish to celebrate a special occasion – a birthday, anniversary, etc – or simply enjoy a lovely meal, Vitaly will arrange for one of our chefs to orchestrate a delicious feast. The chef will freshly prepare and cook the entire meal at your residence and will take care of you from start to finish. We will be pleased to give you details about prices and the different chefs and menus available upon request.

PALIO: Private view of the race

View the excitement and drama of the Palio, taking place on July 2nd and August 16th, live from a private terrace overlooking the central Piazza del Campo, where the action takes place. You will enjoy a perfect view of the event, including the parade and exhibitions which precede the actual race and the boisterous victory celebrations that follow. View the festivities from a comfortable vantage point above the huge crowds that gather in the square; enjoy drinks and refreshments and the cool shade of a canopy. Very early booking – at least four months prior to the race – is highly recommended, as this is the most popular event in the Tuscan summer calendar! On the terrace there will be a guide at their disposal to explain them the Palio rules and history and a buffet with drinks and refreshments.

PALIO: Pre- Palio Tour

The world famous Palio horse race in Siena is an incredible event, held twice a year in the beautiful Piazza del Campo in the town center. The first race is on July 2, the second on August 16th. In the days leading up to the event, our company offers you a special tour of this singular, dramatic spectacle: part horse race, part promenade, part roller derby, all passion! Stroll through the streets of Siena on the day preceding the Palio to share in the excitement of the locals and to enjoy the splendor of the city completely decorated in festive celebration. A specialized English speaking guide will accompany you to recount and illustrate the history, the traditions, le contrade (the neighborhoods), and especially the intrigue and impulse that drive this engaging, centuries-old spectacle.


This tour concentrates on two hilltop jewels of wine: Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. The Brunello, a rich, robust pure Sangiovese, is one of the handfuls of DOCG wines hunted by wine collectors for its depth of flavor and potential to age for decades. In nearby Montepulciano, the Vino Nobile has been praised by popes and princes alike for centuries for its elegance and “noble” structure. The tour will start around 11 am in the first of the two wineries. Before the tasting, you will enjoy a tour of the entire vineyard including a stroll through the vines continuing on to the cellar where you will be shown the various stages of wine production - fermentation, maturation, aging, etc. The wine tasting is usually accompanied by typical Tuscan dishes and guided by the owners/winemakers. The second winery, although still adhering to the strict guidelines imposed by the region, always differs from the first in its style and methods of production, allowing you to experience and to compare the contrasting characteristics of the two wineries, that reflect the strategy and the personality of the wine makers.

Cultural Tour in SIENA

Gothic glory comes alive in Siena! Explore the medieval heart of town with a specialized guide to enjoy the piazze and palazzi of Siena’s golden past. Marvel at the artistic treasures of the Cathedral and learn about the pageantry and passion of the frenzied Palio horse race in the main square, the majestic Piazza del Campo. We are glad to arrange a special visit to one of the museums of Siena’s contrade, the neighborhoods who take part in the Palio and who jealously guard their victorious banners and regalia in beautiful exhibitions open only to members.

PALIO: Dinner in the Contrada

At the end of the pre - Palio tour take part in a magnificent open - air banquet held in one of the neighborhood Contrada on July 1st and August 15th and spend the evening celebrating with the people of Siena, who make this experience so remarkable and famous around the world. Enjoy great food and wine and join the locals in song as you share in the contagious enthusiasm and spirit on the eve of this breathtaking race!

Siena, San Gimignano & Monteriggioni

Explore the medieval heart of Siena with a specialized guide to enjoy the piazze and palazzi of Siena’s golden past. To continue the day out and about the Tuscan countryside, you will not want to miss a visit to the two most lovely Chianti hill-towns. The medieval towns of San Gimignano and Monteriggioni are two beautiful settlements which retain the original architectural layout, no longer recognizable in Florence. Your guide will walk you through the pretty streets illustrating how the medieval towns in the Chianti area developed and retained their charm. Available as Full day

COOKING class at your residence

Explore and enjoy the art of la cucina italiana immersing yourself in customized, hands–on cooking lessons! Learn how to prepare authentic, delicious meals with our entertaining, engaging chefs in a lesson at your residence. Prepare a feast of six different dishes made of the freshest seasonal products - You help choosing the menu to include those flavors that suit your tastes and curiosities. The cooking class lasts approximately three hours and will culminate in a wonderful lunch or dinner, depending on the time of day, enjoying the fruits of your labor! We will be pleased to give you details about prices and the different chefs and menus available upon request.
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